Food Zone Chinese Restaurant

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do you have vegetarian dishes?
    Yes we have a variety of vegetarian dishes and have vegetable spring rolls. Please see our menu or ask one of our staff for more information.
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  • Do you have coupons?
    We have new coupons starting April 18 that are valid through May 18,2011. Click here to download.
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  • What is MSG?
    MSG or monosodium glutamate is a naturally occurring non-essential amino acid used as a flavor enhancer. It has been used is asian cuisine for centuries. Prior to the early 1900s when MSG was isolated seaweed extract, which has high concentrations of glutamic acid, was used.
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  • Do you offer MSG-free dishes?
    Yes. Some of our dishes can be prepared without MSG on request. Please ask our staff for a list of these dishes.
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  • Who drew/painted all the pictures on the wall?
    Most of the picture hanging around the restaurant were drawn or painted by our son, Steven, who is a Dexter Middle School student.
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  • I see a large lighted picture with jumping fish and Chinese writing. What does it say?
    The picture has four characters on it. Specifically they are fish, jump, dragon, gate. The idea behind this is that if the fish can jump over the gate they will go to the palace and conveys the meaning of success or high achievement.
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