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2011 Year of the Rabbit
Technically its the year of the hare as rabbits are not native to China but there are seven native species of hares.

You probably know that Chinese New Year does not occur on the same date each year. This is because the Chinese calendar is a lunisolar calendar as opposed to our Gregorian calendar, which is a solar calendar. In the Chinese calendar the first of every month occurs on the dark moon. You can learn more about the Chinese calendar on Wikipedia.
The photo on the right shows part of the Terracotta Army located in Xi'an, China. The figures date to 210 B.C. The warriors were highly stylized in the 2008 movie The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. While not action movie material there are many fascinating facts about the warrior statues. Did you know that these statues were actually built on assembly lines and the body parts were molded? How about the fact that the swords are still shiny and have edges on them and the metallurgy used rival modern capabilities. There are many fascinating facts to discover about the warriors, see what you can find out.
The photo on the left shows the Black Pagoda located in Fuzhou China. Construction of the pagoda began in 944 AD. Standing 115 feet tall the structure is made of dark-gray granite and consists of seven level. It is situated on Wu Hill opposite the White Pagoda, which sits on Yu Hill.
There are many things to learn about China, Chinese culture, and Chinese history. Check back for new trivia and in the meantime see what you can learn about China at the library or on the web.
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